All Time All Stars Weekly Update

January 20-23, 2015

Room 29 weekly plan

Hello friends,
Happy Tuesday and welcome back!
We continue working on our persuasive writing this week. Last week, we took a walk around campus and jotted problems for which we could provide solutions through our writing. Today, rather than looking for problems, we wrote about noteworthy and wonderful things to bring others' attention. We thought of people who really help us or do wonderful work, but who may not get noticed or appreciated as much as they may deserve. We are exploring the many ways that persuasive writing can be used to draw one's attention to an important person, place, thing, or idea.
We are continuing to explore a variety of subtraction methods. We also practiced some multiplication and division today as we figured out about how many books are in our library based on counting the number of books on one shelf and multiplying (or repeating addition) by how many shelves of books we have in all. When Mr. Bruce was here last week, we tried to persuade him to create a more rich classroom library for us. One of his questions wondered how many books do we have now, and how many would we like to have? We discovered we currently have about 670 books in our classroom library! We then wondered about how many books were on each of our nine shelves. Using model drawing, we had a great time solving this problem. (.. about 74 books on each shelf - with one shelf having 78 books) Fun Stuff!
Our next unit will explore multiplication.
Over the past six weeks, we have learned so much about the Rain Forests of the world and why they are so important. We will be enlarging our focus from studying the Rain Forest to preservation and conservation of our Earth and it's resources this six weeks. I look forward to heading all of the wonderful ideas the kiddos come up with!
Ms. Williams spoke with our class last week about perseverance and failure. We learned about how many people who do amazing and wonderful things fail many times before achieving their goals. We also learned about a mantra and encouraged each kiddo to come up with a positive mantra to get them through a challenging time.
At home learning opportunities this week:
Read 24-33 (+) minutes each night and record in your reading log (at home). Tonight, stop and jot two stickies with a wondering or prediction about their text.
Dreambox: Complete six lessons (..earn a backpack or coin for each lesson) by Friday. I reminded the kiddos that I have begun to print our a report each Friday that shows their time on Dreambox, engaged time on Dreambox, lessons attempted, and lessons completed.
Math practice sheet will come home on Thursday night.
Spelling: Word sorts, tic tac toe sheets, and vimeo links will come home tomorrow.
Acolyte and Crucifer schedules for our class will come home in another month or so. We will be the last class to serve in these positions for the year. If you do not want your child to participate in this chapel service, please let me know at your convenience.
The beautiful weather is expected to cool a bit as the week progresses, so don't put away the coats just yet :)
All my best,