3rd Grade News

Ridgeview Elementary

Week of February 1-5, 2016

What We Are Learning





- Plurals


- Riddles

Reading Comprehension

- Main Idea & Details


- Expository Essay


- Decomposition

Spelling Words - Plurals

On Level List

1. years

2. twins

3. trays

4. states

5. ashes

6. foxes

7. inches

8. flies

9. cities

10. ponies

11. bunches

12. alleys

13. lunches

14. cherries

15. daisies

Challenge List

1. chickens

2. properties

3. communities

4. watermelons

5. sandboxes

6. vacations

7. families

8. libraries

9. generations

10. doorways

11. compasses

12. vacancies

13. dictionaries

14. clubhouses

15. ballerinas

Feb. 12 - Class Valentine Exchange

On Friday, February 12th, third graders will be participating in a valentine exchange. We will be making a valentine bag in the classroom, which will be provided by the teacher. The valentine exchange will occur at the end of the day. This is not a class party. If your child would like to participate, please have them bring a valentine for each child in the classroom. A class list from your child's teacher will be sent home or emailed soon. Due to the many allergies in our students, please make sure that there are no sweet treats attached to the valentine cards. Thank you for your understanding in this matter. Please email your child's teacher if you have any questions.

Math & Science Night

It's time for our students to put on their lab coats and start finishing their science projects. Save the date and join us at our fabulous Math & Science Night on February 4th!

It's Getting Chilly Out There!

Just a friendly reminder to send your child with a coat every day. The Keller ISD policy for going outside for recess are as follows:

Temperature, Precipitation, Other:

* At or below 40 degrees including wind chill factor, elementary and intermediate students may go outside if clothing allows for proper coverage and protection from the cold.

* At or below 32 degrees including wind chill factor, all elementary and intermediate students stay inside.

* Rain, lightning, sleet, snow, and/or ice, all elementary and intermediate students stay inside.

Important Dates

February 3rd

- Science Fair Projects Due

February 4

-Math and Science Night 5-7:30

February 15

- No School for Students

March 14-18

- Spring Break

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