Puerto Rico


Bioluminescent Mosquito Bay (Vieques)

This south Vieques beach it is in the ocean that has organisms glow at night when you get in the water.
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El morro

El morro is a fort built to protect it from the English and French
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El yunque rainforest

El yunque rainforest is one of the best place to go hiking one when you reach the top there is a waterfall with vary cold water

The famous frog of Puerto Rico

People say the coqui was founded in Hawaii but it is not they where founded in Puerto Rico and I'd their state animal it is an big as a penny
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Old San Juan

  1. Old San Juan is the oldest settlement in Puerto Rico and is the historic colonial section of San Juan, Puerto Rico and is home to the Bacardi factory and tour.

The famous artist Romeo santos

He Is the best singer in Puerto Rico