Kokanee Library Newsletter

October 2016

KCLS Partnership

The King County Library System partnership with Northshore is underway! Students can access KCLS' databases, ebooks and audiobooks using their student ID. Teachers also have access to these tools and they can be used in your classroom. Information is on the library homepage, check it out!

What is Tinker Time??

MakerSpace at Kokanee Library

We have recently introduced Tinker Time to students which is Kokanee's version of a MakerSpace. A MakerSpace is a place and time to let students build, create, explore without necessarily having an end product in mind. It allows students to try something new and maybe learn a new skill, hobby or activity they may not have tried before. Students will have time throughout the school year to "tinker" during their library class time. We will also have different projects throughout the school year that students can choose to participate in. The library is also open on Mondays and Fridays before school to students so that they can "tinker" as well. If you have time and want to be inspired by a student "tinkering" check out the video below. It is about a 9-year-old named Caine who built his own arcade in his dad's auto shop during the summer!
Caine's Arcade

Technology Tips!

Class Dojo introduces new videos on Empathy

Earlier this year ClassDojo launched a new video series that they called Big Ideas. The first videos in the series were all about growth mindset. The videos proved to be extremely popular as they were all viewed hundreds of thousands of times.
ClassDojo is releasing some new videos in their Big Ideas series. The next set of videos will be all about empathy.

Name Picker Ninja

Name Picker Ninja is free tool for quickly choosing names at random. Using Name Picker Ninja is a simple matter of pasting or typing a list of names into the "add names" field in Name Picker Ninja and then clicking "go!" The names in your list will scroll and stop on a randomly selected name.

Draw and Tell App for iPad

Thanks to a recent partnership with Khan Academy, Duck Duck Moose has made its terrific Draw and Tell iOS app completely FREE. With Draw and Tell, young students can easily create an animated screencast complete with voice, drawings, images, and objects. As a result, it's simple for emerging learners to create digital stories or presentations on any number of topics.

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