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All Positive - All Athletics- All Eagles - February 2022

A Message From The Athletic Director

As we near the end of the season for all of our winter sports, I think it is a perfect time to remind everyone why we partake in athletics. The memories, friendships, and lessons that our kids make and learn will last a life time. All too often we get caught up on winning and losing and not focusing on the important things in life. We all love to win, myself included, but I have to constantly remind myself it is much bigger than that. It is about being a good person, a good leader, a good teammate, a good citizen in our community. A few questions that I would like you to think about are as follows, regardless of what role you play for Linden Athletics.

Athletes - Do your actions makes your family proud? Do your teammates want to play with you? Are you proud of who you are as a person? Why or why not? Please don’t kid yourself, give yourself real answers. Remember, as leaders in the school there are individuals watching your every action and you influence more people than you think.

Coaches - Are you someone your athletes can look up to? Do you handle yourself with class before, during, and after competitions? What is your ultimate goal, to win or to teach life lessons to help teach our youth how to handle themselves when they become an adult? Ask yourself why you coach, because it is easy to lose site of why we do what we do in the middle of all of the emotions.

Parents - Do your actions at games make your kids proud? How do you respond at home or during the car ride home with your student after something didn't go well during a game? Are you a parent that people want to sit by, or someone that nobody can stand? What is more important to you, your kid winning a game, or your kid being a part of a team that they will remember forever? Again, don’t give yourself fake answers, really reflect on yourself and your own actions.

As one coach used to always say, "if you think I'm talking to you, I probably am". I ask these questions because as seasons go on, emotions run high and we tend to focus on the things in life that aren’t as important as others. Always remember to be a good person and do good for others, regardless of the negativity that may surround you! Please take a few minutes and read up on all of the positive going on in Linden Athletics!


Lance Belill

Eagles Giving Back - Community Service Project

Linden Eagles Competing in the State Finals

We have 5 student athletes competing at the Individual State Championships this weekend. They are as follows.

Austin Huyck - Bowling

Adelia Carr - Wrestling

Bryce Shingleton - Wrestling

Luke Haney - Wrestling

Jase Grundy - Wrestling

Good luck to all athletes and coaches who are involved! Represent Linden well!!

Message From the Coaches

Linden High School is represented by Ella Paul on the Mid-Michigan Alliance Girls Hockey Team! The Coaching Staff says that Ella Paul is an exceptional person. Her commitment to her team and the players goes above and beyond what is necessary. Ella promotes teamwork among her peers, and has a strength of character not usually seen in a person of her age. Ella Paul is an exceptional person and student athlete. She has an integrity of character, which includes honesty, fairness, and decency. We are very happy Ella found the Mid-Michigan Alliance Hockey team!

Also, this has been kept secret, but the Mid-Michigan Alliance coaches are proud to announce that Ella has been nominated for the 2022 HOBEY BAKER High School Character Award. She will find out at the conclusion of this season if she has won. Good Luck Ella!

Big picture

L-F-LF Ski Team

The Linden/Fenton/Lake Fenton boys' and girls' varsity ski capped off the regular season with two championships, as both the girls' and boys' teams went undefeated through all dual meets and the Mt. Holly championship. The boys JV swept both the slalom and giant slalom top 5, taking every medal.

The Anti-Athletic Eligibly List

This list is created to show off the teams who have went a week (or multiple weeks) with no student-athletes on the eligibility list during winter season. This is for the whole winter season, not just the month of February.

Girls Varsity Basketball - 12 weeks - THE ENTIRE SEASON!!

Gymnastics - 12 weeks - THE ENTIRE SEASON!!

Boys Varsity Basketball - 11 weeks

Girls JV Basketball - 11 weeks

Skiing- 10 weeks

Boys Freshman Basketball - 8 weeks

Competitive Cheer - 8 weeks

Boys JV Basketball - 7 weeks

Hockey - 2 weeks

Bowling - 1 week

Wrestling - 1 week

Girls Basketball and Gymnastics will receive a pizza party compliments of the Athletic Department. Very impressive job going the whole season without one student-athlete being put on the eligibility list!

State Bank Athlete of the Week

Spring Season 2022

As the season approaches quickly, please remember to register yourself or your student through FinalForms. The link is provided below. Even if you or your child has played a sport this year and their physical is already on file, please make sure they are registered for the spring sport they are going to play, otherwise their coach will not be able to see them on their try-out list. The sports offered are listed below.

LHS - First day is March 14th -
Practice times will be posted on the athletic webpage the week prior.


Boys Golf

Boys Lacrosse (Linden Lead)

Girls Lacrosse (Fenton Lead)

Girls Soccer


Track and Field

LMS - First day is March 21st - Practice times will be posted on the Athletic webpage the week prior.



Track and Field

FinalForms Information

Current Records

Varsity Girls Basketball - 15-5 - 2nd in FML Stripes

JV Girls Basketball - 10-9

Varsity Boys Basketball - 11-8 - 2nd in FML Stripes

JV Boys Basketball - 9-9

Freshman Boys Basketball - 6-10

Competitive Cheer - Finished 4th in FML

Gymnastics - 4-4, currently competing in Regionals

Hockey - 19-8, currently competing in Regionals

Wrestling - 4-0 - Stripes Division Champion, finished 4th overall in FML.

7th Grade Boys Basketball

B-Team - 2-2-1

A- Team - 2-3

8th Grade Boys Basketball

B-Team - 5-1

A- Team - 4-2

MS Competitive Cheer - 4th out of 18 currently

Linden Football Welcomes Coach Williams as Head Varsity Football Coach!

It is with great anticipation and excitement that the Linden Athletic department announces the addition of Coach Chad Williams as Varsity Football coach. Coach Williams has spent the last 8 seasons as part of the Davison Football program and is very excited to bring his passion and energy to the Eagle family.

We have had a busy month filling the football staff and are very excited for what is to come this fall! Coach Williams and his staff are off and running!!

Live Streaming Available for Linden Athletics - Including MHSAA Post Season

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