By: Jacob Martir & Abrial Westbrook

Essential Question: What factors push people to seek revenge?

Carrie Vs. Grendel

Carrie and Grendel are similar in many different ways. Carrie was a high school girl who was shy, misunderstood, and most importantly she was mistreated. She was considered an outcast in her school. In comparison, Grendel was outcasted from society because he was seen as a monster, and didn't fit in anywhere. Carrie discovered that she had supernatural powers. Grendel came to the understanding that he was much more powerful than the average person, in this case the Danes. Eventually both Grendel and Carrie grew tired of being tormented and outcasted by their oppressors. Consequently, both set out for revenge by killing their antagonizer. Grendel snuck into the mead hall and slaughtered the Danes, ripping them apart limb by limb, and drinking their blood. For Carrie, her revenge was a little different. Carrie went to prom instead of the mead hall and killed her opressors in various ways. Some were killed by electrocution, and the rest were killed through her supernatural powers.The factor that pushed Carrie to seek revenge was how she was made fun of in school and how she was viewed as an outcast. Grendel sought revenged for the same reasons. He was not treated equally and was outcasted from society. All in all, Grendel and Carrie both desired to seek revenge in different ways, but for the same reasons.

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Frankenstein Vs. Grendel

In Frankenstein, the monster that is created is viewed as a creature. The monster was shunned by society. No one liked him because of his appearance and the way he came off. He wasn't as harmful as the people made him out to be. Frankenstein was mistreated and was never loved by anyone. This compares to Grendel in the way that society looked at him. No one liked him because he came off as a monster. Grendel's apperance is why he was mistreated by the people around him. Both Grendel and Frankenstein sought their revenge for the same reason. They revenged because of the way society viewed them. Frankenstein wanted to know why he was created the way he was, and this lead to him killing Victor's family. Grendel was beaten by the a Danes because he was viewed as an evil spirit that was caught in an oak tree. Grendel had hatred for mankind. He claims them to be "no dual- witted animals." These are the factories that played in the revenge of Grendel and Frankenstein.

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Revenge Poem Vs Grendel's Mom

"I know I hurt you well It may have been wrong
But I have no regrets I planned it all along
I can hit you harder Harder than a knife
I always get revenge Remember me for life"

This poem reflects Grendel's mothers emotions. The writer of this poem sought revenge and had no remorse of their actions. In comparison, Grendel's mom did not feel remorseful for killing King Hrothgars best friend. Beowulf hurt Grendel and this is the factor that caused Grendel's mom to seek revenge.

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Julius Ceaser Vs Beowulf

“Come, Antony and young Octavius! Get your revenge on Cassius, because Cassius has grown tired of the world. He’s hated by someone he loves, defied by his brother, rebuked like a servant, all his faults observed, catalogued in a notebook, read, and committed to memory so they can be thrown in his face.”

The death of Julius Ceaser caused pain to the Roman people. Consequently, this pushed the Roman people to avenge for his death. This relates to Beowulf seeking revenge for the death of Hrothgar's best friend, who is killed by Grendel's mother. Beowulf went searching for Grendel's mother in her cave, he came out victorious. Likewise, the Roman people were on a man hunt for the conspirators who eventually committed suicide before they avenged the death of Julius.

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"Revenge is the confession of pain."

This quote relates to everyone in Beowulf. They all shared one common thing, they all were hurt by someone or something. Grendel was once hurt by the Danes. He was mistreated and seen as a monster, so he takes revenge for the Danes actions. Grendel's mother is hurt because of what the Danes did to her son. She takes her anger out on the people who hurt Grendel. Beowulf seeks revenge for the destruction of his home from the dragon. This is what leads him to having the glory and bravery to fight the dragon. In conclusion, the factor that pushed everyone to seek revenge was that they were all hurt by someone else.

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Man Apart Vs. Revenge in Beowulf

This movie is called the man apart. Vin Diesel (who is the main character) was apart of the DEA. Him and his unit take down a big drug lord in Mexico that they have been searching for 7 years. After, the cartel come for revenge. They go and kill Vin Diesels wife. Vin Diesel is hurt by this and sets out for revenge. The death of his wife is the factor that causes Vin Diesel to seek revenge. He goes out in sear for the new drug lord Diablo. This is who sent the hit out on him and his wife. Eventually Vin Diesel works his way up to Diablo and kills him. The death of Grendel compares to the DEA taking down the drug lord. Grendel's mother seeking revenge Hrothgars best friend compares to Vin Diesel seeking revenge for the death of his wife. Vin Diesel killing Diablo relates to Beowulf killing Grendel's mother in her cave.

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Revenge Poem

"If you don't like me
I don't like you
If you try to get me
I am going to get you
Now don't take it personally,
For you were the one who started it."

This poem is a good example of Grendel's life and how he felt. The Danes did not like him because he was seen as a creature. Therefore, Grendel did not like them either. The Danes had once before tried to hurt Grendel. In return, Grendel took out his anger and sought revenge. The Danes were the ones who started conflict with Grendel in the beginning as well. This is the factor that leads Grendel to seek revenge.

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The Pakistani Taliban Revenge

The Pakistani Taliban announced on Friday they planned a wave of revenge

attacks against the government after naming hardline commander
Mullah Fazlullah as their new leader."We will target security forces, government installations,political leaders and police," said Asmatullah Shaheen, the head of the Taliban shura, or council.

This article paints a good picture of what revenge looks like. It also pertains to every type of revenge in Beowulf. As soon as Beowulf gets to the land of the Danes, he promises to kill their "troubling creature." Beowulf promises he will get revenge for the Danes. The Pakistani Taliban also promises they will get revenge against the government after giving out their leaders name. The factor that causes The Pakistani Taliban to seek revenge is that the government gave out their leaders name. The factor that caused Beowulf to seek revenge is to make Grendel pay for what he did to the Danes.

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George Bush Promises Revenge.

"I can hear you! I can hear you! The rest of the world hears you! And the people -- and the people who knocked these buildings down will hear all of us soon!"

This speech was made by former president George W. Bush after 9/11. Through out his speech he is promising that the American people will get revenge on the terrorist who made 9/11 happen. The former president says "I can hear you...... and the people who knocked these buildings down will hear all of us soon." This is how George W. Bush promises revenge. This can relate to Grendel's mom. After the Danes attacked Grendel, his mom was furious. She knew she was out to get revenge and that the Danes would "hear her soon."

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Palestinian & Israelis Revenge Vs Beowulf

The body of an abducted Palestinian youth was found in Jerusalem on Wednesday, raising suspicions he had been killed by Israelis avenging the deaths of three abducted Jewish teens.News of the discovery of 16-year-old Mohammed Abu Khudair, who was last seen being bundled into a van earlier in the day, triggered clashes between rock-throwing Palestinians and Israeli police in the city.

This article gives an example of avenged killings. This compares to Grendel's mother avenging for her sons death. The death of Grendel is what pushes her to kill Hrothgars best friend. In compares to Israelis avenging for the three abducted teens. The factor that causes the Israelis to seek revenge is the death of three 16 year-olds. The factor that pushes Grendel's mother to kill Hrothgars best friend is the killing of her son.

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