Weekly Memo - 2/7 to 2/13

Good AM

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Tough loss for the Panthers, but they have a great shot to be back next year.

This will be a report week. Let me know by Friday what's happening in the schools please. Also don't forget to send me your weekly schedules.

College Goal SC

First College goal SC event is tomorrow at Dillon. Hopefully all goes well. Please check with the sites to be sure the programs are on schedule and ready to go. Sometimes we make these programs more difficult than we need to be. I think it boils down to a few simple steps: 1) Make sure you have a sign in sheet 2) Help them do the FAFSA 3) Make sure they do the survey on the SCCANGO before they leave 4) Make sure they Sign out, letting you know if they completed the FAFSA and 5) All the while make them feel welcomed and comfortable 6) Do the end of event report.

Decision Day

Decision Day plans should also be in the works. Let me know in your reports this week what your schools are planning to do, or at least what ideas you're bouncing around. Don't forget the videos I'm asking the schools to do.

Staff Meeting

February 17 at Chamber. I have to be at another meeting by 1:15, so we will have to keep it moving.

Objectives for 2015-16

The SCGU Grant objectives for 11th grade will be that 1) At least 25% of our cohort will have passed at least 2 math courses above Algebra by the end of 11th grade; 2) 80% of our students will pass U.S. History by the end of 11th grade.

Remember, the success of the SC GEAR UP Grant will be judged on three things:

1) Did your GU cohort graduate high school at a higher rate than the non GU cohorts?

2) Did your GU cohort enroll at a post-secondary institution at a higher rate than the non GU cohorts?

3) How prepared to succeed were our GU cohort when they arrived at college?

Summer Programming

This is just a reminder to start thinking about what this summer looks like. Are we doing COMPASS? Dual Credit? Some other type of program that benefits students and gets them engaged? Start thinking about it now, as we will be planning with more focus and direction as we move forward.


We got the majority of the Q4's signed and downstairs before the Holiday. If we are waiting on information from you or the schools, that's probably the only reason they haven't happened yet.

College Access/Social Media Update

The SC GEAR UP Facebook and Twitter are now both up!!!! Please have the coaches encourage students to like and follow SC GEAR UP on social media. We can do better on Twitter and certainly on Facebook.

Don't forget about the newsletters as well!