Logan Paschal


In the desert it is very dry and some of the plants cannot stay there because they don't get enough water. Another thing about the desert is that it is hot during the day and cold at night. The reason it is so hot there is because of the very little moisture. That is a little bit about the desert.
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The weather is different in other deserts. In other deserts it is different it my be hot dry or both in different deserts. In the summer in deserts it is very hot. During the winter the desert gets very little rain. Sometimes the rain evaporates before hitting the ground. There some stuff about the weather.
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Plants and animals

Some types of plants are cacti, prickly pear cactus, swaro, octio, Bersage.Some types of animals that live in the desert are the leopard geco, fedit fox, dromadary campel, atex antolop, mere cats. These are some of the plants and animals that can live in the desert.


The landform in the desert is sandy and has some mountains and hills. It is not by water. It also is kind of rocky. It also has some canyons.
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Catastrophic events in the desert

One bad thing in the desert.Is that the high daytime temperature and low nighttime temperature make it hard for people to live in that area. Some of the projects affect the wildlife that live in the desert and they need to manage that so they can stay alive.