Nazi Take-Over


Adolf Hilter

Adolf Hitler came to power in 1919. He became an important figure in Germany through his powerful speeches and hopes to bring Germany back to its great self. Many people respected him as a leader and agreed with his ideas. He took this opportunity to brainwash his followers into having similar thoughts as him. He believed the Aryan race was superior and anything else was bad. The Jewish population was seen as the enemy and Hitler made it known to everyone. Life for the Jewish became very bad and they were eventually moved from their homes into concentration camps.
Adolf Hitler - speech (English Subtitles).

rounding the jews

Nazis became superior and took over Germany. Life for the Jews became very bad, as the Nazis constantly beat, harassed, and even killed them. All Jews were to be taken from their homes and moved into concentration camps. The Nazis rounded up the Jewish population and brought them to these camps.

the camps

Concentration camps were made to hold all people Hitler did not believe were a good fit for society. This included Jews, non-Nazis, the disabled, etc. Concentration camps provided little clothing and hardly enough food to survive. Hundreds of men were packed into rooms meant for less than half the maximum capacity. Many died of starvation and disease because of these harsh conditions. The S.S. were in charge of the camps and controlling the people within the camps. The Jews were treated very harshly and were often beaten and killed.

gas chambers

Gas chambers allowed for hundreds of Jews to be killed at once. This was known as mass killing. German Nazis would round up Jews and force them into a small, crowded space. They ordered them to remove their clothes and move into an even smaller room. Next, they would lock the door and pour the gas through the roof. After the gassing, only the bodies were left behind. There was no room to store these bodies, so the Germans thought of crematoriums. The Nazis would bring the dead bodies to the ovens and burn the corpses. The act of burning the bodies disguised the amount of people the Nazis were killing during this time.