Second Grade News You Can Use

November 17-21

A note from Mrs. Graham

The auction is Saturday, November 22, 2014. As of right now, our class has not prepared an item or basket to donate to the auction. However, we are working on creating a Christmas canvas painting with the help of a local artist named Lisa Gardener. If you would like to contribute this week toward the cost of the supplies and for her fee that would be greatly appreciated. The money needs to be in before Friday if you plan to help us. Your child will have a hand in painting this canvas so you may be interested in purchasing it at the auction.

Our first annual EXTRA!!! BRING YOUR FAVORITE TOY to school day went well on Friday. I would love to do that again. This Friday is a B day, so we will be with our special area teachers for the main part of the afternoon. We can't do it this week, but I hope we can do an EXTRA!!! fun day again before Christmas break.


Lesson Topic: Personal Safety

Text: Officer Buckle and Gloria (genre: humorous fiction)

Safety at Home (genre: reader's theater)

Essential Question: Why is it important to follow safety rules?

New Vocabulary Words: obeys, safety, attention, buddy, station, speech, shocked, enormous

High Frequency Words: after, book, care, ever, live, new, off, over, small, thought

Phonics Skills: Compound Words and The Schwa Vowel Sound

Comprehension Skills: Cause and Effect and Humor


In class, we are working on two things. One thing we are doing is reviewing the things we learned in Chapters 1-4. (standard form, counting on and back to find missing numbers, comparing numbers with the > and < signs, ordering numbers, finding 1, 10, or 100 more or less than a given number, completing number patterns, adding and subtracting with and without regrouping, and some bar modeling)

We are also learning about multiplication and division. We will be using the pictures you sent me last week of their equal groups to make multiplication and division fact families among other learning activities.


Changes in Communities: Students will explore ways the daily life of early colonists changed over time and how communities eventually became the cities and towns we live in today.

Changes for American Indians: The students will learn about the impact of explorers and settlers on American Indians and how things changed as communities grew.


Students will understand that many different kinds of plants live in different environments on Earth. They will identify various plant structures and the functions they perform. They will also explore the life cycles of plants.

Students will also learn that many different kinds of animals live in different environments on Earth. They will understand that animals have different systems that perform different functions-movement, digestion, respiration, etc. They will also explore life cycles of animals.


Please help the PTP by purchasing a cookbook for you, your family and your friends. They will make great Christmas gifts. They are only $12.00!