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Best Price Ever on our Oxygenzone Bundle!


Oxygenzone is one of my absolute favourite products! I love using it on my puffy eyes and soft neckline, I love using it on my clients and I love selling it too!

This product is usually $189 plus tax and shipping. Only thorugh Friday at midnight, you can get the Oxygenzone, which is good for all kinds of issues, bundled with the Oxygen radiance Masque and BC Bright Illuminating Serum, all for $104.50, plus $5 shipping!

----------> $112 off the top savings

----------> $5 Shipping

----------> 50% Career Level Discount on this set too!

----------> Plus April Freebies added to your order too!

Whether you are sharing, selling, or just want it for yourself, this is the best price I have ever seen on a product you will use for your whole family.

Helps with: Reducing Oiliness, Acne Control, reduces inflammation, gives your skin a healthy glow, increases vitality, helps heal woulds and inflammation over the entire body.

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Thank you for your Loyalty to our team!

Treat yourself to this awesome Oxygenzone Tool before Friday night!

Super Grateful for you & your Loyalty !

Message me if you would like to drop by and try these 3 products!

How many Oxygen Facials can you schedule for April?

Love & Appreciate YOU! ~ Sherri

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Ozone Therapy Tool from Beauticontrol - Jennifer Piper Kennedy
Live Ozone Treatment