I am done, Now I have to edit

1. Circle the first word of every Sentence

Notice- are they all the same?

Can you make them more original?

In a different color circle the verbs?

Can you change them to be a STRONGER verb?

Writing Checklist


___Do I have an interesting beginning?
___Do I have an interesting ending?

___Have I selected an appropriate genre for the project?
___Are there some repetitious parts that I could leave out?
___Are there any sentences that don’t make sense?
___Could I combine any of the sentences?
___Have I made good word choices? (strong, descriptive, precise, lively, interesting) ___Did I stay on topic?
___Do the sentences flow well?
___Are the sentences interesting and varied?
___Are important details included?
___Does the writing make sense?
___Is the writing well organized?
___Is this my best work?



Building sentences Did you…

1. write sentences that express complete thoughts?

I like to play soccer. *

2. use a subject that tells what each sentence is about?

The girl ran fast.

3. use a predicate that tells about the subject of each sentence?

The children played outside.

4. check for run-on sentences? It was my birthday I had a party.

It was my birthday. I had a party.

5. check for subject-verb agreement? The boys was in school. (incorrect)

The boys were in school.

Indenting Did you indent… . at the beginning of each paragraph?

WORD USAGE Did you use the correct word…

1. knew, new I knew her. I like your new dress. *

2. know, no I know him. I have no candy. *

3. it’s, its It’s late. The dog broke its leg. *

4. right, write That’s the right answer.

I shall write a letter.


5. there, their, they’re I put my book there.

It is their house.

They’re outside.


6. through, threw He walked through the door.

She threw the ball.


7. weather, whether The weather is cold.

Tell me whether or not you can go.


8. your, you’re This is your paper.

You’re invited to our house.


9. to, too, two He went to the store.

You may come, too.

She has two dogs.


10. a lot We had a lot of fun at the park. *