green, reuse,recycle,reduce

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In my city residential land use is where people is living,for example high-rise apartment, town house,single family house.My city's residential land use is environmental friendly,because we have tall building and high-rise apartment,so we are using less space.


Transportation is what people need to go from one place to another. For example side walk,rode and airport.In The transportation is environmental friendly because we mostly use bus,walking as transportation,our bus is using Co2 and oxygen to from water for energy.


Institutional land use is the land that is use for schools,hospitals,government offices and workshop.It is environmental friendly because we reuse paper,recycle them so it's not harmful to the environment.

Open place

Open place is the natural land,for example parks,wood lot,play grand.Open space is environmental friendly because it's natural,so it won't be harmful to anything.


Industrial is the land that is use for gators,power plants,place for resource.Industrial land use is also environmental friendly because we are using reusable energy,it can be reuse over over again ,it have nothing harmful to the environment.


Commercial is the land that is use for stores,shops,buying,selling and trading goods or service.It is environmental friendly because we have a recycle center, when you don't need anything you can donate it to other people that need them.

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