Miss Hays' Update

Questions for Parent Teacher Conferences

What will we (parents and teachers) be discussing at Parent Teacher Conferences?

-Student growth and progress

-Student behavior

-Student's beginning of the year testing scores

-Student work samples

-Student self evaluations

-Ways to support your child at home

-Anything else parents would like to talk about

What kinds of questions should we (parents) expect to be answered during our conference?

-How do you feel 2nd grade is going?

-How is my child doing?

-Is my child performing up to his/her potential?

-How does my child get along with classmates?

-Is my child showing progress and growth?

-Any questions parents might

Don't forget!

Make sure to confirm the day and time of your conference by returning the purple form! Let me know if the day or time scheduled doesn't work. I am flexible. I look forward to conferences and discussing your student! See you next week!