1st Grade Data Digs 9/8/15

Takeaways, Plus & Deltas

Action Steps


  1. This week, teachers will add one station for place value using number cards or dice, straws, cubes, and/or money to regroup from ones to tens.


  1. Target the TEKS in SGI, adding a graphic organizer to Read to Self & Read to Someone for character analysis.
  2. Email Mrs. Garza the student tracker by the end of the day 9/8/15


Process - How work gets done, manage & evaluated.
  • We all shared our ideas
  • Specific strategies and use in small group
  • Were able to verbally share data

Relationships - How people relate to each other and their work.

  • Worked well during meeting to make better lessons
  • The meeting was of great help to learn from each other about how to improve our teaching and get better grades

Results - Accomplish the goal

  • Centers +
  • A plus would be the ideas that were shared to address character analysis and what routines would be established to address place value


Process - How work gets done, manage & evaluated.
  • Lesson plans having tiered lessons (should they be documented)
  • Tiers reflected on lesson plans

Relationships - How people relate to each other and their work.

  • Work on communicating within team during the week
  • There was not a Common Assessment and I felt like we weren't willing to think through/share out how we have adjusted lessons

Results - Accomplish the goal

  • Weekly goals: ELA comprehension (How many?) - Math: TEKS (questions on weekly)
  • An upgrade would be having a common assessment for reading and math
  • Clarification on expectations of individual teachers vs. whole team.

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