The War's End

The effects of the War's end at home


17th: Direct election of Senators.

18th: Prohibition of intoxicating liquors.

19th: Women's right to vote.

The Palmer raids

The Palmer Raids were a number of attacks on Socialists and Communists in the United States.
The raids are named after Alexander Mitchell Palmer, United States Attorney General under Woodrow Wilson. Palmer stated his belief that Communism was "eating its way into the homes of the American workman," and that American Communists were responsible for most of the country's social problems.

The Boston Police Strike

When the Boston Police went on strike on September 9, the country's leading newspapers sounded the alarm bells. Some falsely reported that gangs were running wild and attacking women throughout the city. The strike didnt do that much damage due to the quick arrival of the government


The Seattle General Strike

It began with 35,000 shipyard workers striking for a wage increase. They appealed for support to the Seattle Central Labor Council, which recommended a city-wide strike, and in two weeks 110 locals - mostly American Federation of Labor, only a few IWW - voted to strike.