SPARK Annual Meeting Preview

what to do to prepare for Saturday's meeting

This Sunday, 9/27 from 2-5 @ Natick Co-Working, 1 South Ave, Natick, 2nd Fl

We're excited about this weekend's SPARK Kindness Annual Meeting! In order to get the most out of the meeting, below is more information about the agenda as well as helpful information that we would like to receive from you.

Tentative Schedule of Meeting (Agenda to Follow) (9/27 from 2-5pm)

  1. Introduction/Gathering/Election of Board Members
  2. Committee/Group Reports (finance, programming, fundraising, community outreach and volunteering)
  3. SPARK's Goals for the year and working on the "elevator pitch" & what we do

In addition, below are 3 ways to prepare for the meeting:

Looking forward to seeing everyone and planning for the year ahead!

And make sure you register for the next "Resilient Parent" program (on Monday) on Global Awareness. We want to help make it a success. Register below!