Bluff Dale GT Newsletter

March 9, 2018

Testing Week

The lab has been shut down this week for GT testing. about 18 students were nominated and of those, 15 will be tested. We may have some new people joining us after spring break!

Bugs are Here

The caterpillars and egg cases have arrived for the Littles GT (1-5). We are eagerly awaiting the arrival of hundreds of baby praying mantises and ready to watch the caterpillars move through their lifecycle.

Strength Survey

Recently, our sixth and seventh graders completed a strength survey on Students select what interests them, and then complete an 80 question survey to find their strengths. It identifies their top 5 strengths and students can then further peruse the site by completing journals, watching videos, and exploring careers. There was a place for them t share their results with parents through email. Most of the students I saw were choosing to do this. If you did not get your student's results, please let me know and I will get them to you!

TAMU Physics Festival

Check this out! (Even if you aren't an Aggie fan!) Texas A&M is hosting a Physics Day on campus with over 200 interactive events geared for many age levels. This sounds like a blast! It is Saturday, April 7, with the Physics of Cooking, Friday, April 6, at 7 pm. See the flyer and link below for more information.