Propeller Board

Its a skateboard.. with propellers

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What is a PropellerBoard

This is the first ever working, and out on sale board which can fly. We made this by getting the idea of a helicopter, and adding its propellers to a skateboard. It can be hard to learn, but its real fun when you get to ride this flying board. Yeah. Its what it looks like. (I actually managed to learn flying this thing in half a year) It can fly at a max of 20 MPH and at around 3 feet high. Its just like a normal skateboard, expect harder to learn, more fun, and you can do more tricks with it. While you are learning you should keep flying low and having a few safe equipment on.

Also, it doesn't even cost as much. Only around 1 million HUF which is not too bad for an awesome flying machine. Right now we only sell this at a few shops, but if the demand goes up, then it will be available more places outside Hungary.

Its size can be changed from 1m - 1.5m, and the boost lifting power from 40kg to 70kg, and the height it lift you from 5cm to 1m using the additional USB and connecting it to any kind of PC or Mac. Its fueled by a new bio-oil, which also came from our company.