President Harvey Dent

Your great leader of Isla De Los Suenos

Your president

Harvey Dent was elected by the people, using the popular vote. That means every single person in the country got a vote. He will only be in office for 1 year. But can be reelected 5 times. He is a great leader for this country because he cares about every persons thoughts, and that is what the people want.

About your president

Harvey Dent is a brave individual that will fight for the rights that you as citizens of Isla de los Suenos have. He can make important decision that will positively effect your life! For example, last year when he was in office he decided that kids at school are to be provided with free lunches. Also, he decided against the closing down of Mango Cove, the highest job producing factory in the country. He saved over 10,000 jobs worldwide. He is a family-man, so he knows your needs and he will do his best to provide for you. So this election day on January 25, 2014 re-elect Harvey Dent for President of the beautiful country of Isla de los Suenos.