The Boogely Clan

By: Ryan, Vinny, Brendon, Jordan, and Cassidy

Notorious B.I.G. East

Notorious B.I.G. East

Big East Basketball is the most exciting conference to watch hands down. The conference is full of young talent and experienced coaches that know how to win. This year the Big East had six teams that played in the NCAA tournament, that’s something to take notice about. Not many people pay attention to the teams up on the east coast (and some west) but they don’t know what they are missing. The Big East has future first round draft picks and maybe even stars of the NBA. It’s only a matter of time until the Big East is one of the most talked about basketball conferences in the country.

The Big East was one of the original prime time conferences in college basketball. Between Chris Mullin’s St. John's Red Storm and Patrick Ewing’s Georgetown Hoyas, the conference was unbelievable. They were one of the first conferences to constantly be on TV. Many people would often come home from school or leave early from work just to see their favorite team play on ESPN. Compared to other conferences, about 30 years back, the Big East was probably the most talked about conference in college basketball. Although today things have changed a little bit. Other conferences now are piling up with talent. The ACC took a few teams in the Big East 2 years ago to join their conference, which depleted the talent level of the Big East. When asked where he would rank the Big East conference today, former Big East athlete Aldo DiTrolio said, “I would say they are in the 6-10 spot because they’ve lost a couple of teams such as Syracuse, Louisville, Notre Dame, and Miami. The loss of these teams depleted the strength of the Big East while strengthening the ACC.”

Today, the Big East is full of very athletic and exciting players. Some examples are Isaiah Whitehead from Seton Hall, Kris Dunn from Providence, D'angelo Harrison from St. John’s, Darrun Hilliard from Villanova, and Kameron Woods from Butler. There is much more talent than what I have put down here, but if I listed all of them that would be an article on it’s own. When asked who he thought was the best current Big East player, a neutral college basketball fan Will Findlay stated, “Isaiah Whitehead because he has a lot of potential and he had a great freshman year.” This is true, there are many freshmen in the conference that are capable of becoming big stars one day. That’s what makes the conference so intriguing to watch. According to ESPN a number of both freshmen and sophomores were amongst the top 10 in every category statistically. Kris Dunn and Angel Delgado even led categories in the conference. This shows that in the upcoming future, the Big East is going to be outstanding.

Speaking of the future, a lot of people question if the conference will be able to stay well known. When asked if he thought the Big East would stay well known, Providence fan Peyton Napoliello said, “Yes because they have a lot of teams that are on the rise like Seton Hall and Providence. They also have teams that have been good for a while like St. John and Vilanova.” I agree with this statement because the Big East attracts a lot of attention from recruits because of their history and success in past years. Also, the recruits also may be attracted to Big East teams because of the pro players they have produced like Dwyane Wade, Carmelo Anthony, Kyle Lowry, and Kyle Korver. This shows the recruits that the programs in the conference have experience with developing some of the best basketball players in the country. To end my article, I would like to announce the results of my poll regarding who the 7th and 8th graders in Eisenhower Middle School chose as their favorite Big East basketball team. Out of 79 answers, the following recaps the results of the poll: Seton Hall 23, Butler 13, St. Johns 11, Providence 8, Villanova 6, Georgetown 6, Xavier 5, Creighton 3, Marquette 2, Depaul 2.

FDU Women's Lax

Road to the NCAA

This year Fairleigh Dickinson Women's lacrosse is on there way to the NCAA tournament. Last year the FDU blue devils got off to a slow start with the season ending record of 7-10. But this year everyone knew that FDU was going to give a lot of teams a run for their money. Last year freshmen Joelle Manganella, Brienna Reasoner, and Noelle Shirey were all standout freshmen. This season Joelle with 43 goals and 23 assists, Brienna with 43 goals 4 assist, and Noelle with 31 goals and 3 assists helped FDU get to 15 and 3 record. The senior Courtney Rendinaro also was a big help with 52 goals. The good part about it is that there were no seniors last year so it was a building season for them. This year is a new year for fdu they are 15-3 and are one game away from being mac champs and they will have to beat Misericordia university. In the season fdu beat misericordia 13-11.

This years FDU team would have taken a big hit without good coaching and outstanding defense. Kelsey Ryan, Caitlyn Mcginley, and Samantha Guido were key defenders and did not let many people get past them. But lets not forget about goalie Grace Warburton with a total of 96 saves on the year. If fdu plays this well against misericordia saturday they will have a great chance of being mac champs and going to the ncaa tournament for the gold.

I got the chance to sit down with a few of the players and asked them a few questions. First I asked sophomore Joelle Manganella what her mindset was going into the championship game against Misericordia and she stated “My mindset is the same as every other game this season and it's all about execution. The little things like making accurate catches and passes and taking the hard way rather than the easy way to get things done. These things need to happen in order to come up with the win.” The next question I asked her was what is her thoughts about the ncaa tournament if they make it. She stated, “If we make the ncaa tournament I'll be extremely happy because we’ve all worked so hard this season and making it that far would make it all worth it. Also in the history of women's lacrosse at Fdu we have only been to the ncaa tournament one time so its career changing for our program.” The last question I asked her was what is her strategy going to be going into this game. She stated “My strategy is to go hard and be deceptive. Part of playing the game well is seeing the field and your teammates setting each other up for opportunities that will help us win.”

I also got the chance to sit down with Brienna Reasoner and I asked her the same questions as Joelle and she stated “My mindset going into the championship game is just to play. Have fun and play the way i know how to play and the devils will come out on top.” She also stated “I'm really excited we have a chance to show our potential in ncaa. I feel like our school is overlooked and we have a chance to prove just how good we are.” Finally the last thing she stated was “ stay cool and calm. Last time we played we got fired up, but i want to be excited to play and work as a team, but I don't want us overthinking anything. If we play as a team and have each others backs were unstoppable.

So this shows that Fdu has a good shot at winning the championship game against Misericordia. They are going to win the Mac championship and move on to the NCAA tournament.

Black Bears

The Black Bears Are Coming!!!

The black bears are coming! The black bears are coming! The black bears are

coming! Thats right black bears, black bears are making a comeback in New Jersey.

During the colonization of New Jersey, the black bear was hunted ruthlessly for sport and to

protect farmland. In the early 20th century, these majestic creatures were hunted almost to

extinction in New Jersey. In 1953, the residents of New Jersey started to realize the fact

that the population of the black bear was declining drastically. So they fish and wildlife

council classified it as a game animal. This helped a little bit in the rebuilding of the black

bear population. But when they realized that the number of harvested bears was almost the

same number as the cubs born that same year. This went on for 18 years until the fish and

wildlife council closed the season in 1971 to help the population grow. And grow it did.

Within the first 10 years, the black bear population almost doubled. This astonished


Now, 44 years later, you can encounter black bears in every county in NJ. “The

state's black bears also have some of the largest litters and highest reproductive rates in

the Nation,” NJ Division of Fish & Wildlife says. This can spell disaster for the locals of the

wooded areas of New Jersey. With the black bear population growing as fast as it is right

now black bear encounters are getting more common. “Last year I was riding my bike

passed the telephone tower when I rounded the bend and saw a 450lb female black bear

with her 2 150+lb cubs right behind her. She was 10 feet away from me when she stood up.

She was at least 5’ 6”. When she caught my scent, she bolted away,” A concerned

neighbor of mine, who would like to remain anonymous, stated. On a recent poll that I’ve

conducted, I’ve found out that in the last year, 54% of the participants have seen a black

bear in the last year in Roxbury Township or any of the surrounding towns. Also in the last 2

years, 73% of the participants have encountered a black bear in Roxbury or any or the

surrounding towns. Also I’ve discovered that 80% of the participants have encountered a

black bear in the last 3 years in Roxbury or any surrounding towns. But in the last 2 months

11% the participants have encountered black bears. This is very weird because this early

in the year they shouldn’t be this active, They should be sluggish and lazy until their hunger

kicks in. This is very alarming.

Due to the rise of the black bear population in New Jersey. New Jersey Fish &

Wildlife reopened the hunting season in order to regulate the booming population. This was

a success in regulating the population. Right now the population is leveling out. So the

black bear population isn’t growing or decreasing. It’s just level. After the success of three

consecutive bear hunts. I think that these majestic creatures could become not a nuisance,

but a centerpiece of our state's diverse ecosystem sight in New Jersey. This is my hope,

this is my dream. I hope this is your’s as well. These majestic creatures are the lifeblood of

New Jersey’s ecosystem. Without them, we have no wildlife.

One Direction

Through the years of a teen boy band

One Direction, a boy band of 5 for 4 years has sold over a million albums and sold out in many arenas all around the world. These boys started out auditioning on the X factor 4 years ago and ended up in 3rd place , look where they are now. One direction is 5 best friends that will always be there for eachother. Until March 25th everything changed… fans were devastated everyone was so confused, Zayn Mailk left the band. Fan Tara Roumes had a hard time taking it in so heres what she had to say ‘’I think it was really shocking and stupid because I thought they were such good friends’’ Tara was not happy to hear the sad news. I then asked another fan Faith Panciello and she said “ I am really just surprised and upset because they will not be known as a 5 member band they will only have 4 now.” From those two responses you can tell that the outcome of Zayn leaving was not good.

Through the years One Direction sold over a million albums, sold out in concert all over the world, and have over millions of fans nationwide. They are legends. So why do people underestimate them? Faith Panciello says “ Because people probably think they are stupid young boys who mess around and don't care.’’ When really One Direction donated over 10 million dollars to charity and help kids out in childrens hospitals. The amount of help they send to kids all over the world is mind blowing. In 2013 they went over to Africa and donated 2 million dollars and stayed there in the hospital to help and cheer up the children. People also say One Direction doesn't get awards. They won 187 awards and had 303 nominations. Some awards are billboard awards, Britain awards,kids choice,mtv music awards, teen choice awards and many more.

One direction is loved from millions of people around the world for their looks, music, personalities and all the things they donate and do for this world. I asked two fans of One direction why they like them and they said “Because of their amazing musical talents and their good looks.’’ “ Because of their successes and their looks and good talents.’’ Both answers are similar, which shows all the positive things about them. Each member of the band has a different talent that they are known for Liam- Dance moves Niall- Guitar Louis- humor and Harry- his smile. Harry was won the title of best smile on the kids choice awards two years ago. All of the boys always find a way to make a fans day. ‘’ The singer took time off from his busy tour schedule to visit Cam, who has been battling Ependymoma, a form of brain and spine cancer.’’ That quote from daily mail shows that the boys will really take time out of there job to go cheer up a sick girls day. Another example of how kind the boys are is one concert a girl front row passed out in the sight of one direction and they boys made sure they would find her and get to personally meet her due to her passing out and missing most of the concert. They really are true heros.

To sum this up I think for being such young talented busy boys they still find time to help out others and donate millions of dollars and things to the ones in need. And always seem to put a smile on others faces.

Starfish Struggle

Starfish Struggle

Right now, millions of starfish are dying all along the west coast of the United States and the Pacific Ocean. This drastic decrease in population is due to a disease where, “after getting wounds on their bodies, the sea stars begin curling up and soon lose their legs, shriveling up and disintegrating into mush,” says Researchers fear that this “epidemic” could be the result of a virus caused by climate change. In warmer ocean waters the disease is developing the fastest, and they’re blaming this on global warming.

“This summer, the outbreak morphed into a full-scale epidemic: Dead stars, of over 20 species, can now be found from Mexico all the way up to Alaska.” not many people know about this epidemic, however my goal in writing this article is to bring it to your attention. Researchers say that this disease can be largely blamed on global warming. Now, global warming is an increase in the Earth’s atmosphere and oceanic temperature. This act has had such a negative effect on animals and their habitats. Most recently killing the large population of starfish. Over 20 species have been affected and the numbers are growing.

Not many solutions have been brought up to help the starfish but research money is needed. Some researchers suggest keeping starfish in captivity but Hewson says, “That’s not a great strategy for the entire ocean or even small bays and inlets,” Hewson says. “But it does give us some ability to keep them in captivity and potentially grow up resistant stocks in aquariums.” Personally, I feel that researchers should find a better way to save the remaining starfish.