Astronomy B: January

Ms. Hague-GAVS

18 Week Astronomy Students

Your 1st Assignment Due Date is coming up soon! Please ensure that the following assignments have been completed or submitted by midnight on January 14th!

  • Print/Sign Spring 2016 Acknowledgement Form and submit to the dropbox
  • Complete the Welcome Discussion
  • Complete the “A Trip to Mars” discussion
  • Complete the “Jupiter’s Great Red Spot Hands on Lab”
  • Complete the Inner Planets and Gas Giants quiz

The following is an optional assignment and does not count against you. However, I strongly encourage completing the "optional" assignments as they may enhance your learning experience in this course. :)

-How Does Flowing Water Shape a Planet’s Surface?”-Optional

Late Work Policy

Assignments not turned in by midnight on "Assignment Due Dates" are assessed a late penalty of 10% each day (Friday-Sunday count as one day). Assignments can still be turned up to 3 days late for a penalty. Assignments will not be accepted past 3 late days.
Friday-Sunday = 10% penalty
Monday = 20% penalty
Tuesday = 30% penalty

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