Got RP?

This week we are wallowing in SHAME -- or not.

Tuesday/Thursday Restorative Practice conversations at Antietam Academy

Helping students--and adults--understand the dynamics of the shame response is at the functional core of Restorative Practices. It's why we often need to let someone's initial response shot go by, even when we are the target. Stop in for conversation.

Tuesdays and Thursdays, 3:30 - 3:55 - ish, room A119.

Attend when you wish and as often as needed. Sessions are designed to be low stress, a chance to refresh and reflect on your practice. Like a cozy coffee shop -- with co-worker caffeine.

Stop in for a tune-up, complete makeover, or an exploration of possiblities to come!

Why another meeting?

Good question. These sessions are offered as a within-the-workday option for staff training/refreshing in Restorative Practices. They are, in a way, their own reward--but a fancy certificate might be wrangled if you behave. Staff looking for credit or an all-at-once approach might prefer our Saturday classes.

Your choice. Come as you are; leave a little closer to how you'd like to be.