By; Lucy Christopher, Presentation by: Sydney Jensen

Point of View

1st person

  • I see the swan and she sees me too. I can't believe how much she acts like a human! If I told anybody else about this they totally wouldn't understand. I'll have to keep it to myself
  • I shut my eyes as we head for the lake.


  • Beauty is definitely one of my traits. When I walk down the halls people stare and wave. I'm tan with long blond hair and big brown eyes. Dark eyelashes with naturally red lips. I guess it's a gift.
  • I've totally been the popular girl all my life. What just happened has never happened to me before, nor have I thought it would. That went all wrong and I have no idea what to do now. All my friends have left me because of one little thing. It's not there problem, it's mine.
  • Harry is beautiful. He has crazy red hair that shoots out of his head. His freckles and green eyes are just the best. Also there's no way that you could go wrong his personality, sweet and caring yet adventurous. But his cancer is getting the better of him.
  • I'm scared. What will happen to my dad. It all happened so fast. I can't figure out what's going on.


Never give up.

Isla is working throughout the entire book to get a little swan to fly away and find her flock. Even after many attempts of trying, she still finds different techniques to use on the swan.

  • I've tried everything. I just can't figure out how to get this stupid swan to fly! Suddenly a wide smile appears on my face as I think of another way to get this swan sky high.
  • What am I supposed to do? I can't think of another idea. I can't give up though. There has to be some other way that I can get her to find her true flock.

Figurative language

  • Birds aren't supposed to have expressions, but this one seems to. She seems curious. It's almost human how she's looking at me, like she has asked me a question and is waiting for a question and is waiting for an answer.
  • This is when Isla realizes that the swan isn't any normal bird.
  • She sticks her feet out in front of her like brakes, making water shoot up around her.
  • This is when Isla first meets the swan. They are both running, but all of a sudden the swan stops abruptly.
  • I look from side to side as if I'm a criminal that's about to commit a crime.
  • This is when Isla is trying to get Harry out of his ward to go on a walk with him. It's important because this is when Isla's dad ends up meeting Harry. Although it may not be the best way for them to meet.

The passages that I'm reading sets up my conflict. I talk about how Isla finds a swan that ends up believing that Isla is her flock, so she won't fly away. If she doesn't end up flying away then she could die when migration season is over.