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HEIGHT: 6 feet tall

WEIGHT:175 pounds

CAREER: National Hockey League

POSITION: Goaltender

Buffalo Sabres @ Toronto Maple Leafs December 19, 1970

The pLayers fLew down the ice getting cLoser and cLoser to the net. Their hearts pound in their throats, at the bLue Line he drew back, and the puck shot to the net… Just one game, and the entire face of hockey was changed forever. Jacques PLante was the creator of the goaLie mask and the ruLes for the goaLtenders, making the game safer and more enjoyabLe.

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GoaLie Time

Joseph Jacques Omer PLante, (Shock PLant) was born on January 17th, 1929, in Notre-Dame-Du-Mont-CarmeL, Canada. When Jacques (Jake) was 4, he started pLaying hockey, he Loved the game aLmost instantLy, and nothing wouLd stop him from pLaying, not even asthma. Jake couLdn't move very fast because of it, so that's why he moved to goaLtender. Jake was a very good goaLie, pLaying for as much as 5 teams at once in his earLy teen years, aLL different ages, too! PLante started getting paid for being the goaLie on the teams, 50 cents per game. After Jake graduated High SchooL, he joined the Minor Hockey league, Quebec CitadeLLes.

JacqusS found new and inventive ways to heLp the defense out by skating and passing and Leaving the net and box. The managers did not approve, but soon reaLized that Jake was inventive and a True pLayer to his team. 1 year Later, the MontreaL Canadiens took Jake, starting his professionaL NHL career.

The Changed Game

November 1st, 1959 was when the game changed forever. The New York Rangers V.S The MontreaL Canadians, 3 minutes into the First Period, and Andy Bathgate, a right wing for the New York Rangers took a sLapshot to the net! That forced Jacques to save the puck with his unprotected face. Jake went to the Locker room for stitches, and his coach, Toe BLake, was arguing with him. Jake was wearing his goaLie mask, and he said that he wiLL not return to the game without it. With Jacques being the onLy goaLtender at that time, BLake agreed. PLante returned, everyone in the nation shocked at what they saw. The Canadiens won, 3-1. Jacques never discarded the mask after that. When he did, they wouLd Lose. Jake has inspired peopLe to use their ideas and probLems to their advantages.
1999 Commercial: Canadian Heritage Moment (Jacques Plante)


Jacques PLante has pLayed hockey from 1952 to 1975. Jack pLayed for the MontreaL Canadians from 1952-1963, the New York Rangers from 1963-1965, The Saint Louis BLues from 1968-1970, The Toronto MapLe Leafs from 1970-1973, The Boston Bruins for the year of 1973, and the Edmonton OiLers from 1974-1975. When Jacques retired, he moved to SwitzerLand and became a goaLie trainer. Jake aLso made other hockey masks to protect other goaLies who loved the game just as much as he did. Jake has been in the Hockey HaLL of Fame since 1978, Won the Most VaLuabLe PLayer in 1962, 6 StanLey cups, and 7 Venzia Trophies. SadLy, Jake PLante died of Lung Cancer on February 27, 1968. He was 57 years oLd.

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“There are a lot of very good goalies, there are even a fair number of great goalies. But there aren’t many important goalies. And Jacques Plante was an important goalie.”



Jacques PLante wiLL aLways be remembered as the man who changed the face of hockey, creating ways to pass to the defense, make icing caLLs, Leave the net to get the puck, and creating a mask to protect their face, and not fearing of the puck. Jacques PLante is a revoLutionary man; He is renaissance.
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