Happy New Year!

from your wapf pwc chapter

Hey there, Stranger!

I hope everyone had a lovely Holiday and New Year's!

How did it go replacing store-bought items with home-made and farm-fresh? It may be tough going in the beginning, but little by little, those wholesome ingredients creep in there. Don't beat yourself up if you used some convenience products- Pretty soon that Campbell's Cream of Mushroom is a distant memory compared to your buttery sauteed mushrooms and shallots simmered in luscious raw cream. Aw Yeah!

And now I need to dig into the leftovers...

But First: Some exciting News!

Jennifer Scott has finally had that baby, and it's a boy!

Please join me in welcoming our newest member Caleb William Scott. Here's what Jennifer had to say about the birth:

We are celebrating the arrival of Caleb William Scott (Caleb from the Hebrew meaning "whole-hearted, faithful" and William from the German meaning "resolute guardian or protector").

Born 12/8/2013 at 3:53am, he was a healthy 9 lbs 9oz and 21 inches long! (All of that good nutritious food!) Born in the water at home after only 3 1/2 hours of total labor...one of the midwives arrived just in time! Everyone is doing really well and so far, Ethan is enjoying his new role as proud big brother!

Looking forward to seeing everyone and introducing Caleb at the next meeting!

We are too, Jennifer! Glad to hear you are all faring so well.

Scheduling & Mailing List Questions Answered

Now that Winter has begun, there are sure to be seasonal changes to school and sports schedules. The THIRD MONDAY of the month served us well this past Fall, and hopefully will continue to do so. As of now, the following are our Winter Meeting Dates:

  • January 20 (How to Get More Coconut Into Your Diet, plus Eat Fat Lose Fat review)
  • February 17 (Slow Cooker Magic, including grass-fed meat specifics)
  • March 24 (Basics of Herbals, as well as Old Kitchen Medicine) *Please note that this is the fourth Monday in March, as the third Monday is St. Patrick's Day.

Please check your schedules and reply to this email if these dates don't work for you. If enough members have conflicting events, we can shuffle the dates around.


We have a wonderfully lengthy mailing list, but don't get to actually see many of you at our meetings! Please come on out sometime, we'd love to have you.

Alternately, if you no longer wish to be on the list, please feel free to unsubscribe by replying to this email. To Members who enjoy our emails and meeting minutes, but do not wish to attend any meetings, please feel free to remain on the list just for the information; we're happy to share. Thank you!


To those of you who have emailed me with questions and comments, I'm terribly sorry to have taken so long to get back to you! I have been out of town for most of the last three weeks, some of the time with my in-law's in Spotsylvania, VA, but mostly with my folks in San Antonio, TX- and they live in the sticks (of course!) and reception/internet is terrible! Please know that I will respond to you shortly and that I appreciate your patience.

Thank you!


Don't Forget to Check your Schedule and Email Us! Look for our January Meeting email next week.