Down but never out


I believe that Undefeated had a purpose of showing that no matte where you come from you should never give up even when the odds are against you, like when money got hurt and another member from the team had to step up. money had to sit back and let it happen but he came right back and did his thing in the last game


The purpose of the film was to show that you can go to the greatest lengths when the odds are against you and that no matter where you come from you can do great things. mannases isn't in a very good part of town. there were fights and things that happened between the members of the teams and coaches that really effected everyone. when Chavis got into a fight with the kid it made him think that he was betrayed and Chavis left his team and was suspended that really effected the team but they didn't give up the lost their first game but they came right back to win the next 9 games.

achieving the purpose


I really like the film, I do believe it got the purpose across and showed that no matter what or where you came from you can always achieve greatness