University of Southern California

Location & Size.

The University of Southern California is located in the beautiful city of Los Angeles. From Keller, Texas its about 1,400 miles away. 41,000 intelligent students attend USC. The USC acceptance rate is 17.8%. USC has a wonderful urban school setting. It's a co-ed school with no religious affiliation.

Admission, Academics, & Financial Aid.

The absolute deadline for Admission into USC is December 1st. At least one ACT or SAT test score is required. A great advantage to receive an acceptance letter is to be in your class top 10%. Over 50 majors are offered at USC. With the average class size of 26 students. USC also offers high school programs for younger students in the summer. Financial Aid is offered to 2/3 students at USC.
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Expenses, Scholarships, & Activities.

The USC application fee is $80.00 To ensure your choice of being a Trojan, a commitment fee of $300.00 will be at cost. For new students a fee of $350.00 is added. USC participates in over 25 scholarship offers. USC has over 65 different Greek life organizations and 14 different sports offered to both men and women.

Housing, Facilities, & Campus Visits

Freshman have a choice of living in dorms, suites, or apartments. For freshman there are over 5 choices of facilities. USC offers different food plans for different prices according to your budget. USC has a gym and library offered to all students that attend the university. Campus visits are available Monday, Wednesday, & Friday at 8:30 am or 12:30am. The tour is 3.5 hours and is led by current students that attend the campus.
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