SELF RELIANCE ByRalph Waldo Emerson

Looking Into Our SOULS

And we are now men, and must accept in the highest mind the same transcendent destiny; and not minors and invalids in a protected corner, not awards fleeing before revolution, but guides, redeemers, and benefactors, obeying the Almighty effort, and advancing on Chaos and the Dark..
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We shouldn't be pushing each other down, instead we should be helping each other reach the top and strive to success. We should come together as men and face the enemy instead of running the other way. We are not little kids anymore we are men, we don't need protection we are the protectors. Are dreams might be different but out destiny is ultimately the same.


Motivation is something that will cause you to act in a certain way or causes you to want to act in a certain. After reading this quote you should be motivated to make a change in society, and to not let all the bad of it affect you, your family, friends, or anybody. You should want to stand up and face the world that we live in instead of cowardly waiting for someone else to stand up for you.
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