SMS Scoop

April 20, 2018

ISTEP+ Update

So far this week... GREAT attendance and GREAT effort. Congratulations!

Looking ahead to next week-

Tuesday, April 24 AM- ELA Section 3

Wednesday, April 25 AM- 6 Sci Section 1 and 2 & 7 SS Section 1 and 2

AND then we say GOODBYE to ISTEP+ forever!!

Results will be available this summer.

Art and Talent Show

Please join us next Friday, April 27, to witness the talents of an amazing group of people! Start your evening off by viewing our mixed media Art Show in the cafe at 5:30 P.M. Then cross the hall, select a seat, and settle in for an evening of entertainment by our talented SMS performers! We will be showcasing solo and group vocalists, dancers, musicians, and original songs written by students with a touch of magic thrown in! There is sure to be something for everyone at this year’s Talent Show. The show will start at 6:00 pm and we will have a short intermission between acts where concessions will be available for a small donation. Tickets are $3 at the door. We hope to see everyone there!


If you are participating in the Art Show, please plan to stay after school on Tuesday, April 24th from 3-4 and on Friday, April 27th from 3-4. On Tuesday, students should bring their artwork to school with them, and they will prepare their artwork for the show, mat their artwork, and create name tags. If students plan to display their work on display boards like the one in the picture, also bring the display board on Tuesday. All artwork and display boards can be dropped off in the art room Tuesday morning. On Friday, students will get their artwork from the art room and display it in the cafeteria. Students should have their ride at school at 4 o’clock, and they can return for the Art Show at 5:30 or later. Art Show winners will be announced right before the Talent Show intermission, and students can take their artwork home with them that night. Please see Mrs. Owen if you have any questions, and it is also not too late to join the Art Show! If you have one or many pieces of artwork that you’d like to display, talk with Mrs. Owen ASAP. All families are welcome to attend the Art Show. Thank you so much in advance for supporting the hard work and creativity of SMS students!

Food Rules

We've reviewed a few of the handbook rules regarding food and beverages at SMS on the intercom this week. We've been reminded about...

Morning beverages. You can bring one into the building but you need to drink it in the main hall, cafeteria, or great room and properly dispose of the container before heading to the wings.

Water bottles. Carrying a water bottle to stay hydrated all day is good for your brain! You are welcome to carry non-carbonated water in a transparent bottle. Transparent means we can see through it! Yeti-like mugs or other solid containers would not qualify as water bottles for school-day use. If you want help getting a transparent bottle, swing by the office and we can help you get one!

Now let's turn our attention to the fun topic of locker food!!

Nearly 700 students and staff members share our building each day. But we don't want to share the building with bugs or mice or other creatures that would be attracted by open food containers in lockers! You are welcome to eat breakfast in the cafeteria. You are welcome to eat lunch in the cafeteria. And you are welcome to enjoy a food treat that a teacher provides for you in HR or a class. The one place you cannot eat (or drink) is at your locker. If you have food in your locker (from lunch or for after school events), keep it sealed and don't sneak it during passing period.

Thanks for helping us keep our school clean and critter-free!

Next Week...

Mon. Apr. 23: B day, Optional Talent Show practice 3-4:15, Golf @ Brownstown, Tennis @ East Wash, Track @ Austin, Baseball Gold @ Corydon, HA Science Fair @ MASP

Tue. Apr. 24: A day, ISTEP+ ELA 3, Student Council 7:15am, Art Show prep meeting 3-4, Tennis @ Brownstown, Track v. Paoli, Baseball Purple v. Jeff, Softball v. Corydon

Wed. Apr. 25: B day, Cross 7:15am, ISTEP+ 6 Sci & 7 SS, FACS Club 3-4, Tennis @ Austin, Softball @ Henryville

Thu. Apr. 26: A day, Talent Show Dress Rehearsal 3:15-5:30, Track v. Brownstown, Baseball Gold @ Salem, Baseball Purple @ Clarksville, Softball v. Southwestern

Fri. Apr. 27: B day, Art Show 5:30/Talent Show 6:00, Builders' Club Beautification Project 3-6:00, Golf v. Southwestern

Sat. Apr. 28: Academic Superbowl @ Silver Creek, Girls Tennis @ MSC Championships