Won't Let U B (Sad)ducee on Feb14

Mya Smith & Tina Truong <3

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Reasons You Should Join Us Instead of the Pharisees

  • First of all we're kinda important to the government aka we have the most power in the government.
  • We DON'T have as many strict rules and regulations
  • The Sadducee also got along with Gentiles, so no we won't shun you if you decide not to join us, unlike the Pharisees.
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Versus the Line to Join the Pharisees...

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What we Did:

  • cared for temple practices and worship
  • collaborated with Romans/Gentiles for power
  • hated Romans/Gentiles, but put up with them because they allowed Israel freedom of religion
  • We didn't believe in messiah; god would bless Israel as long as the priesthood and temple practices continued

How We're Different From the Other Religions:

  • We we're a lot more into the government and were a lot more accepting towards other.
  • Not as exclusive as the other religions
  • We only believed in the Torah
  • There was no afterlife

Matthew 16:1

The Pharisees and Sadducees came to Jesus and tested him by asking him to show them a sign from heaven.
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