Homecoming 2013 Information


At La Follette, Homecoming has been a very extensive tradition. We try to make Homecoming here fun for all students, staff and the community. When former LHS alumni come back to their home school is how Homecoming gets its name. We; La Follette are a part of a much bigger community. This community will become blatant when you go to the pep rally, activity night, football game, and dance. We want this years Homecoming to be the one that makes us all proud; and you are the current representatives for La Follette.

The grade level challenge

All the grade levels will sort of "face off" by students participating in "Theme Days". This will have students and staff dress up like something according to the day and what the theme is of that day. This is not required but HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Students on the homecoming committee will visit classrooms and tally the numbers of how many Lancers participated in the "Theme Day". this will occur for each day there is a theme. Points will be given to classes for participation; the spirit links fund raiser and Activity Night, the winner will be announced at the pep rally.
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Spirit links

Giving back to the community has always been a very big thing for La Follette; and to take pride in. The amount of money donated and change received by you and other members of your class is a short way to explain what spirit link are. a representation of the money collected is displayed by the class officers with paper links at the pep rally. For the amount of money collected, points are given. Up to six members from each grade level can collect money. If you have any money or spare change you wish to donate, find the reps from your grade level and give it to them. The money for this years spirit link will be donated for the cure of breast cancer; the American Cancer Society.