USA 2022 Summer Olympic Games

For Mr. Jennings class by:Brandon Wallace 4th period


This is the first choice of the 2022 Summer Olympic games, U.S.A, the last checked amount of people was in 2014 with 318.9 million people located in North America. It has a good amount of resources, it has limited government so people will be able to rome around with out having to go through a search of what they have on them. The main capital of the United states is Washington D.C. Currently the president is Barrack Obama. The security of the states are very high and therefore our best choice.


Argentina is located in South America with a population of 41.45 million people taken in 2013. Argentina also has one of the best soccer teams in the International league. It's main capital is Buenos Aires, One of the bigger Country's of Latin America so a lot of roaming space. Their president is Mauricio Macri, our second best choice for the 2022 Summer Olympic games.


Now for our last and worst choice Mexico. Located in the bottom of the U.S.A and considered it's own Country with a population of 122.3 million people in 2013. This would not be a good choice because it is a dangerous place with all the parents who constantly have to send their kids into our Country to be safe. It's main capital is Mexico City and despite all the danger it has beautiful seas. It's president is Enrique Pena Nieto. Like I said worst choice in the three but it was worth mentioning