South Texas Road Trip February 17-February 26

The Interest you have shown in Great Expectations has not gone unnoticed!

Texas Counselors, Administrators and Educators, may I again say, "Thank You", for showing interest in Great Expectations during past conferences, and I'm letting you know that we are alive and well in Texas. I wanted to reach out once more and tell you what is happening concerning Great Expectations in our Great State and nationally.

At the present time, I have two schools, one intermediate and one elementary in Tomball ISD, which are on target for reaching Great Expectations Progressive Implementing Schools this Spring! This is a rarity for a school to accomplish such a feat in it's first year of implementation, however, the leadership teams at these schools are amazing and the dedication and hard word of both staffs has been exemplary. Both schools had their entire faculty trained last summer and I've been providing instructional coaching during the year.

To refresh your memory, Great Expectations has three levels of implementation, and they are listed below.

Transitional (the staff has been trained)

Progressive (at least 80% of the faculty are doing 100% of our research based 17 best practices)

Model (at least 90% of the faculty are doing 100% of our research based 17 best practices)

In addition to these two exemplary GE Schools, Tomball will be providing training for a few new schools yet to be determined, and the educators and administrative teams at both of the aforementioned campuses will be attending their second year of on-going Great Expectations Advanced Offerings which are targeted more to subject/genre specific classroom needs.

I would appreciate the opportunity to come to your school/district, and introduce your colleagues to Great Expectations and what it can and will do for them and your learners.

The Great Expectations Methodology is slowly, but surely and effectively, carving a niche in the Texas Educational Landscape, and I'd be honored to help make it's transforming power be yours! That being said, we are just touching the tip of the Texas Educational Frontier and are convinced that all of our great state will soon discover and know what 52,000 educators have known for the past 30 years, that GE will 'Transform Lives Through Education'!

Finally, I'd like to ask this, "why wait?" Be among the first in South Texas to provide social and academic excellence in education! I will be in your area tomorrow through the 26th, so give me a call, text, or email me today to schedule an appointment. I not only am looking forward to seeing, and getting to know you better, but I'm eagerly anticipating the visit to your school/district and listening to your administrative team's needs and sharing the "HOW" of our research based 17 best practices and the way in which they can "transform lives through education". Curt G Parker, South Texas Rep, Instructional Coach, Trainer

Thanking you again as GE reaches deep in the hearts of Texas Educators,

Curt G Parker, Great Expectations South Texas Rep, Instructional Coach, Trainer

Reaching deep in the hearts of Texas Educators,

Curt G Parker, GE South Texas Rep, Instructional Coach, Trainer

(918) 931-8909

"Labor to keep alive in your breast that little spark of celestial fire, call conscience."

- George Washington

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Two North Texas Summer Institutes are being provided by my colleague and Great Expectations North Texas Representative and Instructional Coach, Mrs. Debbie Kerrigan. I've included the contact information for Debbie. I've also included an URL which will connect you to the Great Expectations Website, and will provide you with all of the information needed to register for those June and July GE Summer Institutes. Mrs. Debbie Kerrigan, North Texas Rep, Instructional Coach, Trainer

Great Expectations, Reaching from Sea to Shining Sea

GE is beginning to expand outside of Texas, Oklahoma and Michigan, and is spreading throughout the USA. We now have a National Representative, Mrs. Chinita Smith. Chinita, and we, your "Texas Trio", would appreciate any and all leads you might have anywhere from 'sea to shining sea'. Some of the states in which she has already left the GE Footprint behind are Colorado, South Carolina, Louisiana, Arizona, Ohio and California. If you know any educators, administrators, or stakeholders in these or any other states who might be interested in knowing more about Great Expectations, please contact her by the information I've provided below. Mrs. Chinita Smith, Great Expectations National Representative