My Sisters Keeper

Samantha Hinojosa

In the movie my sisters keeper Anna and her sister Kate has leukemia and ever since Anna was born she has had to donate organs and blood and tissue to keep her sister alive. They want Anna to donate one of her kidneys but she refuses to because when shes older she might want to cheerlead or play soccer or be a mom. Annas mother thinks Anna is selfish for not wanting to help her sister but Anna knows Kate doesnt want to be alive anymore.


I think there could definitely be more than one theme.

Starting with death, Kate wants to die and her parents dont see that, who wants to suffer knowing theres a very little chance you'll live? In this movie they have a lot of trouble with family relationships, the mom wants to keep Kate in the hospital and Anna to donate and the father is a lot more open about the situation. Anna's mom thinks Anna is being selfish but Anna has a point when it comes to her growing up life she wont really be a kid anymore and never really had a childhood.

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This photo is of Anna, Kate and their older brother Jesse in a photo booth.
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This is a picture of Kate when she isnt feeling good and just wants everyone to know its ok to go.


"No family is perfect.. we argue, we fight. We even stop talking sometimes but, in the end family is family .. the love will always be there."
Cameron Diaz shaving head (scene from My Sisters Keeper)
This scene in the movie is where Kate is talking about how she isnt beautiful and her mom shaves off her hair for Kate.