ANZAC Day memorial and information

Bring the family

what started the war

  • the causes of WWI was the assassination of Franz Fredinand (Hungarian) bye the Serbians. the Hungarian's declared war on Serbian so Great Britain, France, Russia, United States and Italy where joined as the allies and Germany, Ottoman Empire, and Austria-Hungary where joined as the central powers. then there was war!

Australia And War

Australia joined the war on the side of the allies with Great Britten and they said they will support them until the end.

Australia fought on Gallipoli in 1915, the Western Front in 1914, the Middle Easton Front in 1919-1918 and war at sea in 1914 the ANZAC'S with stood a counterattack. After7 months the British command finally acsepted that victory was not an option

Significant Battles

the first landing took place on 25th of April 1915 at 4am all throughout the night the Turks launched waves of attacks and on may 18-19th the ANZAC'S withstood a massive counterattack.

After 7 months the British command finally accepted that victory would not be possible, but on the 20th of December they found that the enemy had vanished.

Western Front

western front was where the Fromelles Battled witch was the first battle of somme. this started on the 1st of July in 1916.

the British and the french planned an attack to push the German back on there attack on franc. on the first day the British suffered the worst day in history with 57 470 casualties.

Villiers' Bretonneux

the site of villers-Bretonneuux became assosiated with the ANZAC'S after 1918, when in April and Augest Australian units were involved in famous battles here.

In 1918 the germans made an attack and on the 24th of April they took Villers-Bretonneux but the ANZAC'S and the British took it back within 24 hours.

impact on Australia after WWI

the impact that WWI had on Australia was big. so many people would have lost friends and family farther's and husband's would have been lost and that would be somthing that they would have had to deal with.also a large amount of population would have been lost.

significant's of ANZAC Day In Australia

ANZAC Day in Australia would be one of the most important days in Australia. This is the day where we say thank you to all the people who fought for our country and for all the people who lost a family member it is a day where they can be re-connected with there family and loved ones.