Potential and Kinetic Energy


Key Concepts

· Energy is the ability to do work. You must have energy in order to accomplish work.

· Potential energy is stored energy.

· Potential energy is increased the further elevated an object is from the ground.

· Food, batteries and gasoline contain chemically stored potential energy.

· Energy can be stored by position such as a stretched rubber band or a wind-up toy, a stretched spring, or a roller coaster car high above the ground.

· Kinetic energy is energy of motion.

· Objects with kinetic energy are always moving.

· If an object is using energy, it has kinetic energy.

· Moving water and wind are examples of kinetic energy.

· Kinetic energy is greatest as the object reaches the lowest point where it will be traveling the fastest.

· Energy transforms back and forth between potential and kinetic energy.

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Kinetic and Potential Energy