Friday "ROAR"

Killian STEAM Leaders- Friday, October 2, 2015

Our School Culture

Learning (Continuous Learning)

Leadership (Shared Leadership)

Collaboration (Schoolwide Collaboration)

Consistency (Cooperative Consistency)


The school board recognized the district’s teacher of the year, honor roll teachers, and individual schools’ teacher of the year. Mr. Pendergrass was recognized in his absence due to illness. Way to go Mr. Pendergrass! Thank you Mr. Pendergrass for representing Killian in such a great way!

Upcoming Birthdays!

Nancy Diggs- 10/8

Happy Birthday!

Points to Remember

- There should be no adult conversation in the hallway while students are to be supervised. Students need "eyes on" supervision at all times.

- Please continue to add names and contact information for parents who have not participated in a conference. Click on the link.

Quote of the Week

"Don't be afraid to change. You may lose something good but you may gain something better."- Anonymous
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Techie of the Week

Ms. King is long overdue for Techie of the Week Status. What caught my attention was that she wants to find ways to help her students and teachers when they come to the library. She also would like to assist students in creating WeVideos for the news team to enhance features on the show. I am overly impressed with how she quickly learns a tool and tries to find immediate use of that in many different areas. Look out for some of her instructional videos that she uploads on to her site as flipped lessons for students. She is in the process of working on these. She also says that WeVideo is much like MovieMaker for those of you that are interested and that is was a quick study. Way to go Ms. King!

Notes from the TLC (Technology Learning Coach)

Need a QR code?

Go to Chrome Web Store

Click here for more details!

Code Blue Debrief

As we reflect on today's Code Blue, please keep the following points in mind:

- Please make sure your emergency procedures are left with substitutes in your absence. We are developing a plan to provide room keys for subs in case of a Code Blue in the future. Thank you Mrs. Hopewell for the suggestion! It takes a TEAM!

- If there is Code Blue called and you are in the hallway, with or without students, you should go into the closest room and secure yourself and the students.

- Please make sure you are familiar with the procedures for all emergency situations.Click here for an Emergency Code Cheat Sheet.

Overall, the drill went well today. We thank you for your help!

A Closer Look

Media Rotation Week

Monday, Oct. 5

Full Faculty Meeting

Tuesday, Oct. 6

Bus Evacuation Drills

Wednesday, Oct. 7

Walk to School Day

Picture Make-Up Day

Thursday, Oct. 8

Dr. Doug

Friday, Oct. 9

Hispanic Heritage Performance 8:30 am MPR

Here's what's happening the following week.

Media Rotation Week

Monday, Oct. 12

PTO General Meeting 6:00-7:15 pm

Tuesday, Oct. 13

New to Killian Meeting

Wednesday, Oct. 14

1st Grade Field Study- Sesqui Park

Lighthouse Team Meeting 3:30-4:40 pm

Thursday, Oct. 15

Dr. Doug

1st Grade Field Study- Sesqui Park

Techie Thursday

PTO Meeting Expectations- Oct. 12

Monday, October 12 is our PTO general meeting which will be from 6:00-6:30. Afterwards, parents will come to classrooms for a "Parents as Partners" session from 6:35-7:15. Teachers should plan information sessions regarding curriculum (ELA, Math, Science, Social Studies). These sessions should give parents ideas on how they can help their child at home. Each teacher will host their parents in their own room.

Thanks in advance for your preparation for this activity.