Weekly Newsletter

Mrs. Darnell 1st Grade

Dear Parent,

Welcome back! We hope you had a wonderful and relaxing break. The students had a great time at their Christmas party. Thank you so much for helping us with all of the activities we had throughout the month of December. It was a fun way to end 2015.

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Calling all Snowball Catapult Pictures

Below you will find a link to a 'Padlet' wall where you can pin or attach photos and videos of your child's catapult creations.


Our spelling list this week comes from Spelling List 9: up, but, set, man, them, need, block, stomp, going, upset, come, and there.

1. His friend can go with us.

2. We need to get that rock..

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In Math, we are comparing numbers. We are using the terms greater than, less than, and equal. We will also be locating numbers 1-100 on a number line.

Math Games Below:

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Social Studies/Science

We will start off our week discussing and writing our New Year’s resolutions. Take time to reflect on 2015 and set goals for 2016 as a family. We also have many fun activities planned as we introduce weather the next few weeks.

Have a terrific week!

Thank you,

Mrs. Darnell