What is competition?

Kassie Hulick

Do you know someone in cheerleading?

NBA Cheerleader Falls on Her Head During Orlando Magic Game: Caught on Tape

Do you know someone in competition cheerleading?

Top Gun All Stars - TGLC worlds 2016 day 1 (Lrg coed)

Cheerleading has always been perceived to be a club to cheer everyone up, when it should be renown as a competition and more importantly a sport.

- equipment - Frank N. Darras, Darras Law.

- coaches

- competitions - Nancy Lesko.

- injuries - Angela Armenta.

- 412 different teams, avg. 21 per team

- 83% of injuries happened in practice

- most common injury was the side bases/spotters

- most common injury was the ankle, 15%

- 28.3% of injuries resulted in a trip to the ER

- Boden and Rowe had found that 2 hour practice can lead to catastrophic injuries, long term, 17 head injuries 13 being skull fractures, 2 ending in death

- 8 cervical injuries

- 3 spinal cord injuries

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criticism, judgement, injuries, etc.