April showers brings MAY flowers

Ms. Sanche's Class Welcomes the Month of April

We are learning about life cycles in so many different ways!

Students will be planting flowers at the beginning of the month. Throughout the month the students will discover and learn the resources and care plants need to grow. Don't worry we won't be throwing these out at the end of the month.. they may be used for a little surprise for a special day in MAY :)

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April 27th We are going on a Trip!

In order to help your children understand life cycles, the school has organized all grade 5 classes to go to the Science Centre. Attached is a link for parents to familiarize themselves with the facility and all of the cool activities it has to offer. https://www.ontariosciencecentre.ca


Please ensure all students are dress conformably- we will be doing lots of walking

Try to send students to school with no big bags, small lunch bags

Think Green: we don't want to leave there a mess, litters lunches and reusable lunch bags and water bottle are best if you have them!

Bus leaves at 9:00AM

Special Announcements

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We have some special friends celebrating their Birthdays!

May 12- David

May 15- Christina


May 22- Alyssa and Samantha

We hope you all have a very special day,

Questions/ Concerns for Ms. Sanche

If you have any other questions for concerns please to don't hesitate to contact me. All information is available for you below.

*if you contact me while I am teaching I will do my best to respond during my planning time, recess break or before or after school :)