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Access long-term care training validation through SuranceBay

Eliminate Business Delays

Paperwork returned by the home office due to training non-compliance can disrupt your day - delay compensation – and even require a re-dated application. Now you can effortlessly pre-validate producer training status through SuranceBay using ClearCert's powerful, carrier-authorized system, including reciprocity and state-specific rules. And if a producer’s status is not valid, you’ll know why, so you can rectify the problem quickly.

Stop Returned Business Due to Training Issues

When a producer’s status is valid, you can download a Certification Report validating producer status for the business state* and date. Include the Certification Report with your paperwork and watch the home office process it at warp speed.

The Certification Report shows the producer’s status and nationwide transcript of long-term care training completions. View a sample:

* For states that have implemented a training requirement based on the 2006 NAIC Long Term Care Model Act

Be An Expert on Product Specific Training!

You'll enjoy access to our definitive research on state-by-state training requirements. You'll have the information you need to respond to the most challenging questions regarding any aspect of long-term care training – and access to our team of compliance experts for those really thorny issues..

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