July Team News


Huge Thank You!!!!

I have to give a huge THANK YOU to all of you!! What a month June was. We are back to a Star team and I would not have been able to get us there without your help! Every sale, whether $24 or $240 helped! It was nerve wracking to get down the wire but kinda exciting and fun too. I was in the car for 10 hours on June 30th driving back to Mississippi. I had a little sticky note on my console. Every order that you guys texted me went on that piece of paper. It was amazing to see that in Arkansas we had $3000 or so more to sell, Memphis we were down to about $1500 or so, and by the time I got home we were down below $1000. Thank you for your support, encouraging words, and dedication to OUR team!

June Top 5 in Sales

Whitney: $2,014

Courtney H: $1,805

Jenn L : $1,418

Nancy: $541

Rachelle: $378

June Incentive Winners

Nordstrom Gift Card: Nancy

Anthropology Gift Card: Courtney H.

Engraved Necklace: Jenn Lown

Something special from me: Sarah T, Whitney, and Courtney H. for last minute order incenitve

Dot Dollar Redemption

Dot Dollar codes were emailed to your customers today. Steps to take to have them redeem their codes...

1. Email each customer individually with the codes as well. Offer a Trunk Show date while telling them how to redeem their codes.

2. Follow up with a Red Stamp text in a couple days as a reminder

3. Follow up the last couple days to be sure they remember to use their Dot Dollars.

Glam Getaway

It is that time of year again!!! Incentive time! I LOVE Glam Getaway incentives. First step to earning whatever level you may be shooting for...making a plan of action. I have done this long enough to know that if you don't have a plan it's going to be a lot harder to achieve your goal. You cant just sit there saying you want level 3 and then do nothing. I LOVE making plans of action. Contact me and we can work together to create a plan to get you to whatever level you want. It is going to be fun!!! What level do you want?
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July and August Trunk Show Exclusives!!! AMAZING!

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My little thoughts...

We are half way through summer. This is a great time to get to booking easy to put together shows. Going for big goals this fall....get those shows on the books. Thinking about maybe hopping back into the Stella world after taking some time off? Call me, I will help you get relaunched if that is what you want. I am here for you all always!

This is your business but it doesn't mean you have to do it alone.

"Whatever you can do, or dream you can, BEGIN IT. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it!" Goethe