Lisa McMann


The book Wake by Lisa McMann takes between the times of December23, 1996 and December 25, 2005, in Chicago. The characters are Janie, Carrie, Cabel, Melinda, Miss Stubin, and Captain Fran Komiski. The weather in this book is mostly sunny,,, but when she enters dreams they are dark.


Janie is the main character in this series. Janie is different compared to the other people in the story she is able to enter people's dreams. Her internal conflict that she has ongoing through the book is whether to tell people of the powers she possesses. An external conflict that she has is the pain that she has when she goes into peoples dreams. When she goes into them she looks as if she is having a seizure and she hurts herself while having it. Also, it makes her extremely weak. The audience connects with Janie because everyone wants to tell somebody something important but they don't want to be made fun of


Cabel is also one of the main characters. The internal conflict that he has is whether to tell his friends and people at school that he has a job at the police station, but risk not catching the person he is looking for. His external conflict is that he smokes and does many drugs. People can relate to Cabel because people want to tell somebody something that is important to them, but they don't want to risk anything.


The main conflict of the story is that Janie can't control who or how she pops up in other peoples dreams. She also feels as though she could not tell anybody because they would think she is a freak.

Relationships are Complicated

The theme of the story is that themes are complicated. The theme is this because Janie and Carrie are friends, but Melinda and Carrie are friends also. Melinda and Janie hate each other so they cant get past one an others friends. Also, Cabel and Janie are dating, but Cabel is keeping secrets from her. Janie doesn't know how she can continue an ongoing relationship when he is keeping secrets.


I do recommend this book to people of my age. Other people my age should read this book because there is many twist and turns that makes you want to keep reading.