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Figuratively Speaking

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Demonstrate understanding of figurative language, word relationships, and nuances in word meanings.


Interpret figurative language, including similes and metaphors, in context.

myON Updates

New Features...

myON “woke up” with a new look, new functionality and brand new literacy tools that allows students and teachers to engage in active reading with their myON digital library as they practice close reading skills.

Here are a few of the key features included in this myON Version 2.4.1:

· Launch of NEW Literacy Toolkit with reading tools like Highlighting, Shapes, Sticky Notes, and a Reading Journal.

· myON’s Capstone collection has been separated by intended audience.

· Teachers can choose to exempt students from taking regular benchmarks.

· You will also notice a new look in the Visual Search feature.

Full Release Notes

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5th Grade Titles


Record your voice and iPad screen to create dynamic video tutorials that students and colleagues can access any time, as needed. Even better-students can create screencasts to demonstrate their learning which can then be shared [Edmodo, Kidblog] and used as authentic learning artifacts. See below for a few examples...

App Tutorial

Educreations App Tutorial

Student Example

In this screencast, Caitlin is converting a common fraction to a mixed number using a number line model.

Teacher Example

In this screencast, Mr. Macfarlane discusses the American Revolution and how it spread to the frontier and sea.

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Guided Reading & Book Clubs in GAFE

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