Hakeem Smith


#3 (Music artists buying wild animals)

New York - This just in, rappers and singers have all started buying wild animals, instead of just normal cats or dogs.

"Chickens are just the same as any other pet, i walk them, i feed them, then i eat them, boss!" said rapper Rick Ross.

Also rapper Jay-Z has bought a few wild animals of his own. Which would be 1 lion, 4 snapping turltles, and 1 monkey.


#4 (Bullies)

In a backwards world, boys become bullies. Which means they will be the back-bone of the beast that they belong to. These boys will bundle up a bunch of anger brilliantly to break down feelings. Becoming a buzzard to the by-product daily to the nerds of bostons. We as a team should be like a buttress and not be a bystander to people who belong in world where their not burned with the blade of hate. Bullies are like a blizzard, breezy, bold, and brave. So lets be the best by beating them with the brain full of knowledge.

#5 (Historical event)

Slavery began on a wild trip to Australia in January 7th 1975. It started with animals being whip to create labor. This lasted for a good 5 months until it began to get boring. In order to speed up this process, they had to make this machine that would help them daily. They called it “the computer”. The computer was the best slave ever to their masters. It had something called the internet that brought up anything you can think of. They brought helpful information, made hard work look easy, and never had to be paid or fed. Slavery was practiced throughout the Australian colonies in the 17th and 18th centuries, and animal slaves helped build the economic foundations of the new nation. The invention of the cotton gin in 1973 solidified the central importance of slavery to the economy. By the mid-20th century, Australia’s eastward expansion, along with a growing abolition movement in the North, would provoke a great debate over slavery that would tear the nation apart in the bloody Australian Civil War (1961-65). This is the story of slavery.

#6 (1984 Theme Song)

Diggy Simmons Featuring Bei Maejor- Great Expectations

Yeah, I'm ready, yeah

[Hook: Bei Maejor]

They want me to fall

They wanna see if I make it

With my back against the wall

Put my head to the sky

No, I won't let 'em break me

I got great expectations

Great expectations

(I'm ready)

[Verse 1: Diggy Simmons]

All the stares and all the glares

They waiting on him

And all the weight from all the hate

It's gaining on him

The intensity as it rises

Nobody can disguise it

It's like he got fire in his eyelids

The crowd is roaring, it's so enormous

His blood is boiling

His head is down and he's focused

He wishes they'd ignore him

Who in they right mind

Wants to let his light shine

He ain't even in his prime

Pressure of a lifetime

He standing steady, hands sweaty

May be nervous, but ready

The skepticism lies heavy

He's bout to make it petty

He got his fam on his back

Bout to carry like Chevy

So much on his plate

He hopes the repercussions ain't deadly

But he ain't gonna back down, for what?

He faces right now and he

Knows that he will out stand every

Doubter that's around

Misconceptions are knocked out

There will no longer be doubt

He hears them boo but he won't stop

Till his name is what they shout

[Hook: Bei Maejor]

[Verse 2: Diggy Simmons]

He's no longer fearing

Now swerving past 'em and persevering

The way he's staring is clearing

All that could be competition

Immediate intuition is winning

He's never slipping

Been hearing them saying that

He could be the best that ever did it

Their expectations lie high

So he's just praying, "Can I

Be the best man I could ever be?

To exceed everything they want me to be

No anxiety, just gonna do me

And always proceed for the ones that believe

In the young man that's dedicated with a potential to achieve"

So I'mma keep going, keep flowing, keep knowing

I'm the dopest, my rhymes are potent

But I'mma need you to know it

I know where I came from but I stay so hungry and focused

Like I was focusing and wasn't nearly in one of the closest

Great expectations, I got 'em waiting, anticipating

They all debating on if he's hype or will he be staying

So now I'm saying, I'm reaching to be one of the greatest

So if you hate it take it cause I won't stop even when I make it

[Hook: Bei Maejor]

[Bridge: Bei Maejor]

Staring into heaven with my headphones on

You can see it in my eyes and know

That I'm the one they have been waiting for

I know my dreams are waiting for me

And looking down ain't the way to go, noooo

Follow your dreams

Follow your dreams

We got great expectations

[Outro: Diggy Simmons]

Not til' they screaming my name, yeah [x2]

I ain't gonna give up the game, yeah [x3]

Not til' they screaming my name, yeah [x2]

I ain't gonna give up the game [x3]

Diggy Simmons - Great Expectations ft Bei Maejor

#7 (What did i learn?)

In media literacy i learned many useful skills such as how to create flyers, and writing precis. I gained extremely useful information about how the media works and its role in modern day society. In this class I learned how to fully understand books and movies based on what message they were trying to spread. The only thing that comes to mind when it comes to making this class better would be to add more group projects. I dislike the fact that we have to keep reading all the time. When i think of language arts class i think of poetry more than i think of books because of all thinking when it comes to using words in a fancy way.