The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer

Michelle Hodkin

Overview of this Playlist

The following playlist is for The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer the first book in the Mara Dyer trilogy. It's about Mara Dyer and how she deals with her life after waking up from a traumatic accident, not being able to recall anything that happened, deal with the death of her best friends, moving to a new town (where she falls in love) to save her and her family from further ridicule and eventually changes her whether she can deal with it or not.

This playlist has no specific genre due to the fact this book goes in so many directions: love, death, fear and time spent at a psycho center.

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"Bring Me To Life" by Evanescence

Suspicious, odd and scary things keep happening to Mara at random times. Her recovery from the accident has been little to none; it is all becoming real to her that this is the way it's going to be from now on. There was no going back to "normal." I imagine this song playing while she sits in her bed or in the psychiatric center playing through her mind on repeat. Although she feels very alone in many aspects she has a lot of people there for her to keep her company and help the best they can. Appreciative of the help she is getting, she wants to go back to the old Mara, she wants to be saved from what is now the new her & that isn't at all possible.

"Soap" by Melanie Martinez

Mara's life is a mess, to say the least. Often time she is sitting in her room all alone or in a hospital bed not realizing the events that had just previously happened. She sees things that don't actually happen and when she tells people about them they don't believe her. She feels very alone, kind of like this song. Mara is always questioning herself and begins to label herself crazy. The first time this song plays you sit there and ask "what just happened?" Mara's whole life after the accident is one big "what just happened??".

"Irresistible" by Fall Out Boy ft. Demi Lovato

With all that is happening after the big accident moving to a new town is the last thing Mara needs. That being said, when she met Noah for the first time she probably wouldn't of imagined the impact he'd have on her life. Mara seems to have these powers that when she thinks about something they happen ("I hope she can't find her EpiPen and dies" *suddenly Mara's spanish teacher dies of allergic EpiPen in sight*. Noah and her have a irresistible connection although each event in her life makes her believe she'll scare him away or even worse, hurt him.

"Dollhouse" by Melanie Martinez

As if her life couldn't get any worse her younger brother Joseph has just been kidnapped. Mara can't catch a break no matter how hard she is trying. Joseph is eventually, unharmed, and that is basically the start to her breaking point. She's "killed" 4 people and it's taking a toll on her so she goes to tell the truth about everything to get it off her chest. Not shortly after she wakes up in a psychiatric center. Although this is no "dollhouse" this song perfectly portrays her time in the psychiatric center. On the outside she tries her best to be normal but on the inside she's a mess.