Chromebook Apps

The top 5 Chromebook Apps available

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Google Drive

This suite of applications allow Chromebooks to compete with their PC and Mac predecessors. Not only do Google users have access to 15 gigabytes of cloud storage via Google Drive, they also have access to powerful tools such as Google Docs, Spreadsheets, Forms, Drawing, Slides, and more. These apps may lack some depth and sustenance for professional users, but they perform excellently in a K-12 educational setting (or even a higher education setting).
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What is Dropbox?


Dropbox provides even more versatility while using a Chromebook in a K-12 educational setting. Individual users may have access to nearly 20 gigabytes of cloud storage space for documents, photos, music, and nearly anything else you could possibly think of. Schools may also purchase Dropbox space by the terabyte for students to share, collaborate, create, and innovate with.
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Khan Academy Exercise Software

Khan Academy

The Google app store provides direct integration with Khan Academy, opening up all of Khan Academy's instructional videos, assignments, and resources to Chromebook users. This would provide an excellent learning tool for grades 3-12 as these are the lowest grades Khan Academy content supports.
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Desmos Graphing Calculator

In grades 10-12, access to a graphing calculator is essential to students being able to understand and complete high school mathematics. These graphing calculators are often prohibitively expensive, which may price out students from having access to their own outside of the classroom, thereby creating an unnecessary barrier to learning. Desmos provides an excellent, comprehensive, and free graphing calculator application that can circumvent the necessity of purchasing a Texas Instruments TI-83 or greater calculator, thereby eliminating the need to pay upwards of $100 for a calculator that will only be used for three years.
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Evernote to the Rescue


Evernote provides a free, comprehensive note-taking solution for secondary students that allows them to access their notes from anywhere. Evernote goes beyond the limitations of the pen and paper by providing the students with the ability to integrate and attach websites, documents, snapshots, audio clips, and more directly in their class notes. Evernote provides students with the capacity to individualise their classroom note-taking experience in order to customize learning to their own needs.