Sewing Machine

A Machine in Every Home

Elias Howe

Elias Howe, born in 1819 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, created several prototypes of the sewing machine after his second sewing machine failed to make much money, Howe tried to get buyers interested without much progress. Soon after others inventors began copying Howe's sewing machine and his business boomed. Howe continued to make sewing machines each better than the last and did so until his death in 1867.

The Sewing Machine: Today

Today sewing machines are found in homes, shops, small businesses, and some factories. Sewing machines are used by people young and old, from wanna-be fashion designers to be fixing a rip in their clothes, sewing machines are a household must. Today we use sewing machine like we did when they were first made to make clothes and mend them.

The Sewing Machine

The Sewing Machine Industry