Gliese 581g/Red Dwarf Star

By: Catherine Hawks

Some Facts About Gliese!!!!

  1. Diameter of the planet- Around 130% to 200% greater than Earth depending on composition
  2. Average distance from its Sun- Unknown, but the surface temperature is 0.15 astronomical units
  3. Average Temperature- Unknown, but the surface temperature is 3,480K
  4. Length of Day- Unknown
  5. Length of Year(orbital period)- 37 days
  6. Number of Moons- None
  7. Number of Rings- None
  8. How old would you be if you lived on your planet?- 148.5 years old
  9. How much would you weigh on your planet- Same as earth
  10. What is the distance from Earth?- 20.3 light years
  11. If your spaceship can travel at 0.1C, how long would it take to travel to your planet? How old would you be when you arrive?- 365x20/.1=73,000 days

Three interesting facts about Gliese 581g

  • Gliese 581g is an unconfirmed and exoplanet in the Gliese 581 system.
  • Its one of the most Earth like planets detected in the habitable zone of its star.
  • Its been said that the force of gravity on Gliese 581 is very similar to that on Earth.

Three problems that I would experience if I tried to live on Gliese

  • One side is always in daylight and the other is always in nighttime. So, you are either in dark or light.
  • Its too big.
  • Feels like forever to have a full orbit.

How could I overcome these problems to make this planet suitable for human life.

I could make this planet suitable for life by testing to make sure it's ok for people to live there. If it comes back suitable. I would try to tell people that there's this planet that we could go to. I would try to spread the word around; convince them to try it out.